Body Alignment

Body Alignment is part of the revolutionary energy healing system, called Life Alignment, developed by Dr. Jeff Levin DNM, taught by David Pasikov MA, and used all over the world to “heal your life and discover your soul’s true purpose”. It is a vibrational healing technique that allows us to tap into a consciousness, that is the source of all that is, to be guided to the origin of the imbalance.

We are multidimensional beings with a physical body as well as other subtle energy bodies that incorporate several energy systems. As the flow of energy through these systems becomes blocked or unbalanced, the physical body begins to malfunction and we experience fatigue, pain and dis-ease.

In order to correct these energy imbalances, in Body Alignment Technique, practitioners use our hands as a means of transmitting energy, as opposed to doing a mechanical adjustment or manipulation.

The Body Alignment Technique honors the agenda of the Higher Self and, using applied kinesiology or dowsing, accesses the body’s bio-computer. With permission and by priority, it utilizes energy vortex points as a means of connecting with the energy field of the organs, glands and body systems and addresses the root of the issue rather than focusing on symptoms.

It is not used to diagnose or treat any conditions or disease. It works with the person as a whole and seeks to identify and correct the cause of the imbalance at the energetic level which consequently has an immediate and direct effect on the physical body.

It is not the technique alone that is the catalyst for the healing. Healing is the result of the love, caring, and vibrational chemistry that occurs between the practitioner and the receiver. My intention is to radiate love without attachment to the outcome. I also do not take credit for the results. I act simply as a channel for the healing current that is available to all.

To view an overview of the technique on YouTube, go to: TED Talk on Life Alignment

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